Why choose a Community Stem Cell Bank over a Private Bank

choose a Community Stem cell

As a caring parent who always longs to offer the best for your child, we are sure you have considered offering your baby the protection of stem cells for a lifetime. There is no doubt preservation that your baby’s stem cells can provide your baby, protection against several medical conditions. While you have made this wise choice of banking your baby’s stem cells, the question arises, where should you preserve your baby’s precious assets.

Of course, if you want to reserve your baby’s stem cells for your own use with exclusivity, you would have thought of a private stem cell bank as the best good option to bank your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells. But, did you know that there is yet another comprehensive model of stem cell banking that can offer protection for not just your baby but also your entire family?

Yes, LIifeCell’s new Community Banking can be the ideal model for every parent to shield their family with an outsized advantage of 12-16 times more than a traditional private bank.

Now let’s understand why this new hybrid model of stem cell banking is an ideal solution and preferred more than any conventional private stem cell bank. In a private bank banking, you can retrieve your baby’s stem cells that are cryo-preserved, during times of crisis for your baby’s own use. It is absolutely sure that your baby’s stem cells can be used as a protection of your baby, but you need to know that only 20% of the conditions treatable by stem cells would require a person’s own stem cells, which goes without explanation that your baby is only 20% secure. Then what about the rest 80% of the conditions treatable by stem cells isn’t it crucial to give your baby the protection against these too?

Yes, a survey data extracted from SEER(surveillance of epidemiology and end result program) reveals that 80% of the medical conditions treatable by stem cells require stem cells from a donor source.Thus, there is a requirement of a model of stem cell bank that offers immediate access to stem cells from donors to offer a complete protection of stem cells. LifeCell Community Banking is designed to offer you the immediate access to a large pool of donor stem cells at just the preservation cost, unlike the public cord blood bank or bone marrow registry that comes with a clause of prohibitive costs, long waiting period for sourcing and the uncertainty of donor refusal and unavailability at the final moments.

In this model of banking access to the pool of stem cells is given to not just your baby but also to the entire family, i.e your baby, sibling, and parents also can look up unto this inventory when required. This large inventory of community bank is formed as each parent decides to bank their stem cells by giving a consent to be a part of this Community stem cell bank. This closed community is created with all the preserved cord blood units of the community members. The member has an exclusive right over their baby’s stem cells for the initial 2 years and also holds a lifetime exclusivity of their baby’s cord tissue stem cells. After the tenure of 2 years the cord blood units are HLA typed and become free to be used by other members of the community when required.

Today though India contributes to 20% of the world’s population the availability of stem cell units preserved in India is less than 1% of global inventory.Now with LifeCell being India’s largest stem cell bank has close to 50,000+ parents banking with them every year, its foundations on the trust of 2 lakh already existing customers and this new initiative, it is evident that in years to come the largest pool of stem cells of Indian origin that offers access to the family members that can outlast the challenges in sourcing unrelated donor stem cells for treatment purposes for the entire nation, has already arrived. If an individual’s need for donor stem cells is 2% for a  family of four this model of banking is designed to offer up to 12-16 x the benefit over a private bank.

Most of the conditions treatable by a baby’s own stem cells are diagnosed before the onset of  2 years in a child, thus during this tenure, your baby’s stem cells remain exclusive for your child’s use in this model.It is estimated that a chance of a child utilizing the preserved stem cells is only 2%, thus invariably there is a higher chance of your baby’s stem cells remaining idle in a private bank due to restricted access. Now with Community Banking, there is a better utilization of these idle resources to meet the unmet needs, in the process of sourcing stem cells.

Thus, on understanding the manifold benefits that tag along with this new comprehensive model of community banking, such as immediate access to larger inventory of donor stem cells, extended benefit to the family, exclusivity of your baby’s stem cells for the initial two crucial years, and better utilization of idle resources, I am sure every parent would understand, Community Banking is an ideal choice over Private Banking.

To know more about Community Banking: https://www.lifecell.in/community-banking-stem-cells-preservation-dual-b…


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