What parents feel about Community Stem Cell Banking

parent abt community banking

Most parents who were introduced to the new initiative of Community Stem Cell Banking of LifeCell were glad to comprehend that this concept of sharing into the healthcare arena could offer them startling benefits, just not for their baby but for their entire family.

As this model of Community Banking is designed to give a parent immediate access to their baby’s own stem cells and a larger inventory of donor stem cells at a low cost, most expectant parents currently show positive responses towards this paradigm shift. LifeCell’s noble motive behind the launch explains the need for donor stem cells to be 4 times higher due to 80% dependence of stem cell transplants on donor stem cells has convinced most parents about the need for a new model of banking that could offer them an access to both own and donor stem cells.

Every parent as they understand the fatal implications of 80% of the conditions that throws dependence on donor stem cells exposing their family to a large risk highly acknowledge community stem cell banking as the ray of new hope to families and society as a whole.Thus, the access community gives to donor stem cells becomes an inevitable option of venting away the high risk of patients to gain access to donor stem cells offering an extra mileage to anchor on.

The most imperative reason for a parent to opt for Community Banking is that Studies also show a 60% higher chance of locating a matching cord blood unit in the family versus bone marrow demystifying the doubts in a parent’s mind.Yes, there is the inflated need of a parent to acquire a condition treatable by stem cells as they age which is more than that of a child. Researchers say almost 1 in 20 individuals would be affected with a condition that would require stem cells by the age of 70, thereby defining the necessity of stem cell protection for most parents.

Community Banking also enriches families with outsized advantages that exceeds over private banking by offering 12-16 times opportunity to use stem cells for a family of 4, most parents remark that it is an easy decision for them to entrust their baby’s precious stem cells into stem cell banking model and multiply the benefit to their family that was once restricted just to their baby.

The common concerns that prevail in the mind of a parent are on 2% probability of their baby’s stem cells being used by another member of the community and unavailability of the child’s own stem cells for the child during need. To deal with this apprehension LifeCell Community Banking offers the exclusivity of cord blood units for the initial 2 years an ideal solution because most approved conditions treatable by stem cells are diagnosed before the onset of 2 years in a child. Whereas, the exceptions such as Multiple Myeloma and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma that as a later onset can be tackled by other own sources of stem cells in the body.

Another confidence that would fetch Community banking its credibility among parents is its affiliation with LifeCell, one of India’s largest stem cell bank with over a decade of experience in preventive health care services and the trust of the existing 2 lakhs parents that could join the mission to create a larger inventory of Indian origin with LifeCell. Every year 50,000 cord blood units are being added to expand the surplus inventory that would keep the challenges in sourcing a match when required at bay.

Thus, with such cumulative advantages, it is not far-fetched to see that this new initiative of Lifecell community banking earning its rightful space amidst parents.

To know more about Community Banking: https://www.lifecell.in/community-banking-stem-cells-preservation-dual-b…


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