What are you wearing today?!

wearing today

“I have only two hands! How can I possibly get on with my work if I have to carry the baby all the time?”
Problem – Caring for a baby and at the same time getting work done around the house or outside can be overwhelming.
The solution – Baby slings/ carriers.

They have been around for centuries. Millions of moms and dads across the world carry their babies in a snug and cozy way around themselves. And go about their lives with ease. Imagine navigating a flight of steps, or walking through a busy road with a baby in a stroller. Or carrying a baby in your arms while sautéing those onions.

Babies love it because they see the world from another viewpoint, instead of watching a boring ceiling from where they lie. A feeling of security is instilled very early in their lives. Studies show that this makes them confident and composed adults. Cranky, distracted babies, fall asleep easily in tune with the heartbeat and the continuous motion of the wearer.

For the mom, it is hands free mechanism at work! Imagine conversing over the phone, cooking, browsing the internet, etc., with your baby as close to you as possible. Moreover, walking with the baby is a sure shot way of busting the flab faster. For the dad, it facilitates the bonding process with the little one.

Baby carriers come in various styles. Some can be worn around you either in the front or the back. Some come with hooks that can be fastened on to your shoulders. Some even come as an attachment to jackets in cold countries.

Pick one that suits you and wear your baby in style!


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