Ways to Pick a Baby Name without Fighting


Pregnancy heightens your emotions and it is quite normal to experience mood swings. In most families, the parents-to-be fight over decisions involving the baby like choosing the pediatrician, arranging the nursery, naming the baby etc. If you and your spouse have conflict of interest over finalizing the baby name, here are some tips to help you name the baby with ease:

Try combination of names

Instead of opting for a single name, go for a combination of first name and middle name which will satisfy both: you and your spouse. Try to modify and fit both the suggested names so that it will not sound bizarre.

Include both sides

If you are planning to name your child after your great grandparents or great aunt, it is necessary to discuss with your spouse. If there is a conflict of interest, try including your spouse’s side too; after all, there is a first and a middle name option available

Work together

Are you browsing through those baby name websites or flipping through the baby books? Do it with your spouse. This way, you can decide the name together without argument and also helps you bond with each other through this fun filled activity.

Ask for a valid reason

If your spouse or other family members reject your baby name suggestions, ask for a valid explanation rather than flipping to argument mode. If the reason is valid and genuine, accept it and give up that name; there are plenty of names available for your little one.

Find variations for the same nameThere are many reasons why people reject certain baby names; it might trigger a bad memory or remind a person whom they don’t want to remember. The smart way is to find variations which will give the same meaning. Compromise for the best

How important is that baby name to you? Out of million baby names, why would you want the ‘one’ that your spouse doesn’t like? There are plenty of names available so compromise and nourish your relationship.


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