Umbilical cord blood stem cells studied to understand how blood is formed

stem cell studies

Researchers at the University of West Australia have discovered the journey of stem cells becoming blood cells. The key highlight of this study done under a global project called BLUEPRINT is that, it was carried out using umbilical cord blood stem cells

The hematopoietic stem cells and other cells needed for this study had not previously been studied in great detail because they are extremely rare in the bone marrow of adults, Professor Wendy Erber said. “In this study we were able to purify the cells from umbilical cord blood donations, where the concentration of these progenitor cells is surprisingly high.” Professor Erber is a co-author of the international study.

The study has discovered the events and gene expressions in the process of normal blood development.

Using the results of this study, scientists can now develop diagnostics and new therapies for blood related disorders including Leukemia. They will also be of value in studies in stem cell transplantation therapy, regenerative medicine and discovering the genetic basis of haematological and immunological disorders.

Read full text to know more onthe journey of blood progenitor cells.


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