Umbilical Cord Blood of sibling to bring good tidings for an autistic cerebral palsy boy

autistic cerebral palsy boy

The little British boy Jay Shetty suffered brain damage when his lung collapsed at birth. Undeterred by the kid’s disability his parents Shilpa and Raj reached out to the doctors to find their second son Kairus’ stem cells to be a 100% match for Jay. As the doctor suggested that stem cell infusion can bring phenomenal changes in their child’s development the family is all set to fly to the US to get the transplant done.

Jay will be the first British child to get treated with stem cells for cerebral palsy and autism. The disability has been absolutely debilitating for the child. The kid was not able to sit erect, feed himself or even walk unaided. The delay occurred because this treatment was not available in the UK. Another reason for the delay was the inability to find a matching unit of stem cell unit for Jay.

Jay was born prematurely in 36 weeks and suffered an extensive brain impairment due to lack of oxygen supply at birth. The hope of reversing his symptoms was forlorn till Jay’s mom conceived Kairus 2 and ½ years later. Fortunately, Jay’s little brother Kairus’ stem cells became an absolute match for him. After much research, the parents found about the promising treatment in the US using stem cells at Duke’s University.

With this awareness, the parents carefully chose to preserve their second son’s umbilical cord blood stem cells. Later after the preservation process, they got in touch with the Duke University who hailed as a pioneer to carry out this treatment to reverse the symptoms of cerebral palsy and autism. The University also published the study done on 63 children with cerebral palsy who improved drastically post the infusion of cord blood stem cells. The improvements were seen in parameters such as cognitive skills, motor functions, emotional stability and behavioural skills.

The parents said that any improvement would be heartily welcomed and it would be great if the kid was able to sit on his own. Even a miniscule would be a huge step forward said the parents. All they really want is to enable their son to lead an independent life nothing more or less. Now, his treatment is all set to involve a cord blood stem cell transfusion using preserved stem cells that would contain around 280-300 million stem cells. It is hoped that millions of stem cells from the infused cord blood would find their way into Jay’s brain and regenerate the damaged areas.

The neurologist from London who was currently treating Jay was also open to this idea. The treatment is scheduled for later this month and the improvements of Jay Shetty will be shared shortly by his parent. We look forward to a positive outcome basis the earlier research findings shared and also wish the family for a speedy recovery of their son.



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