Top Tips To Celebrate A Healthy Diwali

diwali celebration

Diwali is around the corner and the market is flooded with cracker shops, sweet stalls, and apparel displays. Though the festival ushers a multitude of joy amidst the family members, it is one of the most accident-prone festivals in India. For the glee of the day to persist throughout the year, it is essential to celebrate this festival safely. Safety is all the more crucial when you have kids in the family.

Each elder in the house would have encountered some nostalgic good and bad memories with crackers. So to make this Diwali memorable and full of fun, it is very important for every parent to follow these precautionary tips.

  1. Choose the right cracker for your kid

    If your kid is below 5 years of age never hand him/her a sparkler. Sparklers are 5 times hotter than cooking oil. Buy crackers only from good and renowned brands. If you have a slightly older child, accompany your child while lighting crackers like flower pots, chakras, sparklers etc. If they are bursting atom bombs or rockets make sure you stand by them and keep them under your supervision.

  2. Candle safety

    Use the candle to only to light your agarbathis and sparklers and not any of your crackers. Make sure the candle is far from all the inflammable crackers and articles. Fix the candle firmly on the ground.

  3. Things to prepare before your burst your crackers

    a. Have 2 buckets of water and sand in the vicinity.

    b. Choose an open place free from trees, vehicles and thatched roofs in the neighborhood

    c. Keep the pets safe in the house

    d. Use eye protection glasses and gloves

    e. Keep a first aid box ready in case of emergency

    f. Ensure everyone involved is wearing a closed footwear

  4. Other safety measures to follow

    a. Always place flower pots and chakras on the ground

    b. Never carry a child and light or hold a cracker in the other hand

    c. Never wear loose fitting and flowing clothes while you burst crackers

    d. Never burst fireworks in the corridors

    e. Never throw firecrackers on the streets

    f. Adult supervision is always a must while bursting crackers

  5. Smoke protection

    If your child is a known asthmatic, be ready with the routine inhaler of corticosteroid. Use of a face mask while bursting crackers can also be of immense help

  6. Be sensitive to others

    If you live close to a hospital or if your neighbors have pets at home make sure you be sensitive. Do not burst crackers that cause too much of noise pollution and also restrict the number of times you indulge in bursting of noisy fireworks. As responsible adults, it is every parent’s duty to tutor their children to be sensitive to others.

  7. Curbing your child’s sweet intake

    Like crackers, Diwali is also associated with a whole range of mouth-watering sweets. Keep a watch on your child while consuming various sweets. As much as possible, give your child home-made delicacies to indulge in

  8. These thoughtful precautions can make your family enjoy a memorable Diwali this year.


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