Top 8 ways to protect your child from abuse

protect from abuse

Offering a safe and secure future for kids is of paramount importance to every parent. Most couples wish to provide the best security for their child. To meet the demands of modern day living and to give a financially secure future for their kids, both mom and dad work hard to juggle home and work.

There is a growing dependence on certain support systems such as friends, relatives, hirelings like babysitters and attendants to take care of children. This increases the risk of exposing the children to dangers such as abuse, abduction and harassment.  With the recent occurrence of several cases of child sexual abuse across the country,  we feel the need to sensitise parents on the top ways to protect their kids from these offensive assaults.

  1. Talk to the kids about their day: Gain the trust of your children and discuss to them on a day to day basis about what’s happening in their life. Make them feel comfortable about discussing anything with you. If something they say makes you suspicious, probe into it without any judgement and take action.
  2. Educate your child about sexual abuse: The mother can educate the child not to let anyone touch their private parts. You can also teach the child never to allow any stranger touch  or cuddle their body unnecessarily. Kids should also be taught to distinguish between good touch and bad touch by the parents in a refined way .
  3. Teach your child about red flags: Sexual offenders often groom themselves to be very trustworthy. So there are high chances for the child to trust them. They may even lure  kids with  toys , sweets, video games and a lot more… So teach your child about these alluring “red flags” and advise them to stay away from adults like these. If you find someone suspicious, talk to them and explore their motives before things get out of hand.
  4. Stay aware of your kids’ whereabouts through the day: As a parent, even if you are busy through the day with your office work or any other chores, keep track of your child and be aware of where your kids are, Do not let your kid go anywhere without informing you.
  5. Know your child’s friends: Make sure you meet all your kid’s close set of friends. Before you let your child spend  time in someone else’s house understand the friend’s parents  too. Permit your child to spend time at their homes, only if you find them reliable and willing to take responsibility for your child’s safety.
  6. More than one guardian for your groups: When you allow your child for a camp or a collective youth group of same interests, make sure you know the inner circle of youth who accompany your child and also check whether there are more than one supervisor for the group. Discuss with your child and make sure you tell them why you are so inquisitive of these things.
    • Look for cues in your child: Sexual abuse is not usually obvious as these signs may be insignificant such as changes in sleeping pattern, eating, mood, or strange behaviour that does not easily and quickly drift away. Adults should understand these signs immediately take the child for counselling.
    • Take action without delay: In case of any suspicion, talk to your kids immediately also  contact the closest authority in control, like the school principal, in more severe cases police or the elder of the house or associations involved. Then lodge the complaint with  the police. The department will investigate the alleged abuse and take proper action. As citizens, we should not conduct our own investigations or take justice into our hands to penalize the offender. In relevance to the victim get psychological support from counsellors and doctors, in case of any physical abuse.

To avoid such mishaps both parents should make carefully planned decisions on selecting the safety options for their child during their absence.


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