Top 5 Trends to Pick a Baby Name


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Pregnancy and parenting comes with responsibility and nine months is also the time for the soon-to-be parents to get ready for good parenting. Finding the right name for the new baby is one of the important responsibilities of parenting but also a sweet memorable experience, if you do it right. The below tips can help you get inspiration to choose the coolest name for your little bundle of joy:

Choosing a family name

This year, using the family name is one of the top trends followed by parents across the world; Royal Princess Charlotte is no exception. In UK, the royal family’s new member princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana gets her name from Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth and late Princess Diana. Isn’t this the coolest name of the year? Try combining names from your family and your spouse’s family and create some coolest first and middle name for your cutie pie.

Borrow from the literary world

Is Jane Austen your favourite? There you have an inspiration for your baby’s name. This way, you can always stay connected with your literary superheroes. You can also get names from your favourite novel characters which will add charm to your little one’s name.

Get help from nature

If you are a nature lover, then go for floral names. A lot of celebrities were inspired by nature and came up with evergreen names for their kids. You can find Violet, Daisy, Jasmine, Dahlia (flower), Tushar (snow), Neha (rain) and Willow to name a few.

Keep it short and sweet

In the recent years, easy-to-pronounce names are gaining popularity among young parents. They are short and easy for anybody to call. Some includes Mia, Pari, Raya, Diya, Elsa etc.

Go gender neutral

Indian parents don’t know the baby’s gender till birth so choosing a unisex name will save the trouble. Also, unisex baby name is a global trend with celebrities picking hot unisex name for their newborns. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis named their daughter Wyatt meaning brave at war.


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