Tips to Tackle Morning Sickness

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Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride filled with joyous moments and emotional stress. You may feel the pregnancy glow on one hand and physical discomforts on the other as a part of the pregnancy symptoms. Morning sickness is one such predominant symptom, experienced by most pregnant women in the first trimester.

What is Morning Sickness?

Morning sickness causes nausea and vomiting, the first sign of pregnancy in women. The name is a misnomer as the symptoms continue all day long for most expectant mothers. Morning sickness does not harm the baby or the mother.

How is it caused?

The cause for nausea is uncertain but it may be due to combination of various physical changes in the body. The increased level of pregnancy hormones such as estrogen along with hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone can be one reason while enhanced sense of smell, sensitive stomach and stress may also play a role in morning sickness.

How to handle it?

There are no medical treatments available for morning sickness but there are few remedies to tackle the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Here are few tips to help you prepare a morning sickness survival kit to enjoy your pregnancy journey:

  • Crackers or bland salty snacks to fight off the hunger.
  • Facial wipes to keep you fresh and feel better.
  • A plastic bag to throw up in case if you get sick in public.
  •  Lemon or peppermint scented hand lotion to ward off unpleasant food smell.
  • A bottle of plain water to rehydrate and compensate for the water loss.
  • A tooth brush and tooth paste to clean your mouth.
  • Chewing gums or mouth fresheners to refresh, if toothpaste is not convenient.
  • Take fruit smoothies to give a boost and neutralize your stomach.
  • Have tea without milk for a better cleansing effect.
  • Do not miss the prenatal vitamins recommended by your doctor.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

If you experience excessive vomiting and nausea, it could be Hyperemesis gravidarum. Consult your gynecologist right away for treatment options.


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