Tips to build a secure bond with your baby

tips for baby

When a baby enters the world, the outlandish experience can make a baby insecure and anxious. The quality of nonverbal communication offered by the parent, enables the baby to outgrow these uncertainties and live a happy and healthy life.

It is expected of the parent who handles the baby to understand and respond to the baby’s cues, movements, gestures and sounds. This will help an infant to feel secure enough, develop well, interact effectively and form lasting relationships through life. You don’t have to be perfect parent to do that, but cultivating an understanding of your child’s requirements can enhance the complete attachment process. Attachment and proper bonding with the child is a key factor for the social , emotional, intellectual and physical development of the child. Here are few tips to nurture a secure bond with your child.

  • Spend time with your baby: Secure bonding doesn’t occur overnight. You need time to interpret your child’s cry and signals to respond to it appropriately. Babies cry for so many different things like, hunger, fear, pain, sleep and even simply. You need to spend enough time with your baby to understand that.
  • Quietness helps: Babies respond better when the environment is quiet and calm. When the baby is alert they communicate better with you.
  • Get enough sleep: Sleep deprivation makes both the parent and the child cranky and irritable. Getting enough rest and sleep can really help the parent and child have a hearty communication both verbal and non-verbal.
  • Get the support of family members: During the initial stages, parents will definitely need the support of others in the house to take of the baby throughout the day. If you live alone as a nuclear family make sure you at least employ caretakers or take help from friends to relieve you for a bit of ‘you time’
  • Breastfeed your baby: Breastfeeding is the most wonderful way of increasing your bond with your child. The baby is not just comforted by the feed it gets from the mother, but it is the mother’s warmth, skin contact and smile that actually relaxes the child.
  • Cuddle and massage your baby: Baby’s love and enjoy the tactile reflexes endowed upon them. The sense of touch activates numerous pathways in the baby’s brain that enables the baby to relax and ease off all its anxiety.
  • Sing or play music for the baby: Babies recognize voices and can sense soothing music very well. So, play pleasant choices of music for your baby and also sing aloud to the child to make your baby receptive to your voice.
  • Talk to your baby: Whenever possible make an eye contact with your baby and speak to your baby. Appreciate your baby and speak loving and kind words to your little one on a daily basis. This will help your child grasp language early and also respond and bond with your better.

Though application of these tips can help a parent and baby to bond better, there are numerous other cues a mom/dad would learn by their real time engagement with the little one. In whatever manner these tips are learnt creating a secure bond with your baby is absolutely crucial for the well-being of a baby and is a duty of each parent.



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