Tips to Avoid Headache during Pregnancy

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Pregnancy hormones cause many nuisances to the expectant mother while preparing the body for the growth and development of a new life.  As the pregnant women undergo emotional and physical changes, even mild symptoms like headache, back pain or heartburn may seem intolerable at times. Over the counter medications are not advisable to treat pregnancy symptoms, hence it is best to follow better lifestyle and non-medicated remedies.

Here are some of the remedies to handle headache during pregnancy:

  • Eat your meals right on time: Having breakfast, lunch and dinner on time will maintain your blood sugar level thereby avoiding frequent headaches. It is also important to have routine meal timing throughout the day to stay healthy and regulate metabolism.
  • Stay Hydrated: Sufficient amount of water can relieve your body from various symptoms and discomforts including constipation, overweight, dizziness and headache. Drink more than 8 glasses of water every day along with other fluids like tea, tender coconut, smoothies or buttermilk.
  • Exercise and be active: Keep yourself active and fit by engaging in workout sessions like aerobics, yoga, swimming etc., or even active walking. This will increase the blood circulation throughout your body and keep the headache and back pain at bay.
  • Get enough sleep: During pregnancy, fatigue and improper sleep pattern causes frequent headaches. Try to maintain a regular bedtime and have 8 hours of proper sleep at night. If you feel fatigue, take some rest or have a nap for 30-45 minutes.
  • Beat Stress: Stress is one of the strong causes of headache during pregnancy. Try to refrain from stressful environment and relax your mind by doing your favorite activities like reading, gardening, listening to music or taking a pleasant walk. Bring down your stress level which will relieve your headache.


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