Three cheers ladies! Happy Women’s Day


8th of March dawns. It is International Women’s Day.

To the woman who talks on the phone, makes a grocery list, attends to her child’s homework, and sautés the onions all at the same time; to the woman who is bent over the fields, hums a tune, ploughs and harvests, and watches over her sleeping baby under the tree; to the lady who has raised her children to be responsible and sensitive citizens of the world; to the master chef whose curry bears the aroma of her commitment and affection for the family; to the teacher to whose arms a child runs into every single day; to the mom who bears the world’s most excruciating pain to bring forth a new life into this world; to every little girl who nurtures lofty ambitions; to every woman, young or old, who enjoys womanhood with all its joys and sorrows – Happy Women’s Day.

Ask a man how a world without women would feel? Pat will come the reply! “Wow! How I wish”!! Leave him alone for just a few minutes without a single woman – mom, friend, wife or daughter – and watch him collapse.

A world without women is a world sans sustenance. Sustenance doesn’t stop with carrying a baby for nine months and nurturing it after delivery. The umbilical cord that sustains life, contains stem cells, that if preserved can give a new lease of life by treating life threatening conditions.


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