The Miraculous Cure of Stem Cells Stun Thousands of War Causalities with Head Injury!


The research team at Houston uncovers a miracle treatment for thousands of soldiers with severe brain injuries.

These soldiers were injured in Houston highways on the faraway battlefields. This miracle treatment was said to dramatically improve the health status of these soldiers.  It was estimated that over 2,75,000 soldiers were wheeled to the emergency rooms every year suffering from traumatic brain injuries, almost  one-fourth don’t survive the episode. Those who manage to survive, endure permanent disabilities. The swollen brain tissues suppress the blood flow to certain areas of the brain causing the death of neurons.

A new clinical trial conducted at Memorial Hermann Hospital showed a possibility of reduction in the inflammation of the brain cells, due to the infusion of bone marrow stem cells into the injured site. The stem cells were harvested from the patient’s own bone marrow within 48 hours of the injury. This therapy revealed subsequent promising outcome in these soldiers said Dr. Charles Cox, who has been working on these therapeutic experiments over a period of 15 years.

Dr. Cox said that this treatment can enable someone with severe brain injury to able to do simple tasks and not be completely dependent on someone else. This treatment can equip them to engage in daily activities such as bathing, using the bathroom and so on…this by itself is a dramatic change in the life of a brain injury victim, He remarked.

To prove the safety and efficacy of the treatment, clinical trials are being conducted on this potential treatment. These findings have already been published in “Stem Cells Journal” with the report of a study conducted on 25 brain injury victims.

The therapy works by regulating the inflammatory response in the brain. When the swelling in the brain is reduced the body begins to respond to the message sent by the corresponding neurons. The blood flow to the brain is also much smoother, causing it to recover back to its functions.

So far there was no effective treatment to limit the swelling in the brain. Thus, this miracle with stem cells is a real breakthrough and is believed to revolutionize the ability of head injury victims to recover from their trauma. The US Defence Department considers this as a real boon and has allocated nearly $ 6.8 million for its research.



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