The Journey of Love


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) presents differently for every child. It is a brain development disorder that affects verbal and nonverbal communication, social interaction and behavior.  It is also associated with motor coordination difficulties and attention deficits. It is an underlying genetic condition caused when a small piece of one of the 18th chromosome goes missing. It is definitely a heartbreaking realization to know that our child has to experience this. What is more difficult than in coming to terms with the condition, is that it robs us of the hope of a magical recovery. We can definitely do our best to help the child reach his or her potential. But we can’t ignore the question that keeps haunting us every now and then ‘is it enough?’

What does it mean to be “On the Spectrum”?

Each individual with autism is unique. Many of those on the autism spectrum have exceptional abilities in skills like music, visual, academic etc., Infact, children on the spectrum take pride in their unique abilities and their exceptional ways of perceiving the world.

Embracing Hope

People with autism live lives that are incredibly varied. Here are some parents stories of autism, they share their various experience to help others understand. They talk about pride, anger, embarrassment. It is quite important to know how parents work through their every day in raising their children with unshakeable hope and implausible positivity. We gain insight, hope and admonitions and warnings as well from listening to other’s stories.

For Paige, it wasn’t easy to move past the shock of her son’s diagnosis. It took a couple of weeks to step away from the emotions and to have a real hard look at her son.She was angry and frustrated with the world for creating her son in ‘this’ way. But she realized she can’t fall apart and let him down when it had stricken for ‘what it is like for him’? She says “do not fear the diagnosis but embrace it so that families can move forward’’

For Tracy Beadle it is completely different, she was totally ignorant of autism and ignored everyone who suggested for a check up. Only on his 4th birthday she took her son to the diagnosis and found he had autism.Her emotions began with disbelief and slowly progressed onto guilt, worry, jealousy and frustration. She says the best advice that she could give for those who wait for a diagnosis or having just known is to talk to parents of autistic children as much as possible. It is quite natural to feel miserable and it is okay to cry aloud but he will definitely find a light at the end of the tunnel.

“ I wonder at times if I have become a better person because of my son’s autism. I’m more patient than I ever thought possible and I’m continually amazed by perseverance and my ability to adapt to a new normal every few months as behaviors come and go” says Lisa Kadane. Her way of handling is learning to shift her attention about today not thinking too far into the future and drowning into the enormity of his needs. The best and possible thing to do is to keep looking for those crucial pieces that will help bring the bigger picture into focus.

There are hundreds and hundreds of such stories, emotions, and traumas of parents who raise autistic children. It isn’t an easy journey, but their journey of love is now more vibrant because of the new hope given by stem cells. Stem cells treatment promises significant improvement. Stem cell therapy treatment involves simple procedure. Dormant stem cells will be stimulated and with the help of medicines, it is possible to make them grow and multiply. Blood will be as extracted from patient’s body and certain components would be removed. Finally, it’ll be re-injected into the body.

The Indian Council of Medical Research has not yet certified it as a commercially viable treatment. It is termed as ‘experimentative’ procedure in which patients are made to sign a paper that they understand the risks.

Yet these clinical trials have given a new hope to the parents and it is a real boon and the magical recovery that they have been hoping for has finally come true through Stem cells.



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