The Father’s Guide to Pregnancy

fathers guide

Pregnancy is a 9-month long movie with the mom playing the heroine going through the roller coaster of emotions leading up to the miracle of birth. It is 40 weeks of unlimited attention to the mother, with people giving her advice about everything, from the food she should eat to the exercises she should do. During this, the father’s role seems sidelined and kept to the background.

For those who think that way and feel that their part isn’t all that important, we have news for you. Research shows that when parents and not just mothers go through the pregnancy together, the experience is much smoother and gives the mother a better childbirth. So let us jump right in and see what fathers can do.

  1. Listen and Talk

    To the gentlemen who are rolling their eyes, hear me out. Though it seems utterly simple, listening and talking, if genuinely followed, can do wonders for the parents to be. As a father, t is not necessary that you need to maintain your ‘cool’ and appear ‘unfazed’ by what is happening. It is completely natural to have moments of doubt and worry.

    At these moments share them with your partner. It strengthens the connection and puts both of you at ease. When the mother confides in you, do not brush them aside as ‘it is only in your head’ listen and offer words of genuine consolation. It would help greatly if you refrained from using phrases like ‘just cool down’ ‘stop worrying’ etc. from experience you ought to know that asking someone to ‘cool down’ when they are worried does the exact opposite.

  2. Pitch In

    It is 2017, doing household chores is no longer exclusively gender defined. Men should pitch in and help out at the house. This is even more important when you are expecting. You can put in that little bit of extra thought and figure out ways in which you can lighten her load and increase the time she gets to relax.

    Childbirth can make a fascinating study. Spend as much time as possible getting to know what is happening. Take the time off from work to attend doctors’ sessions with your partner. Once you learn of what is happening, you can probably surprise her with insights and pointers. You could subscribe to tips and pointers. Knowing more lessens anxiety and helps you get through the phase with ease.

  3. Get Packing

    It is safe to assume that when the moment arrives you are not going to be able to process things logically and see what you need or do not need when you are accompanying your partner to the hospital. So pack your delivery kits well in advance so that you have enough time to consider all scenarios and don’t forget anything of importance like the stem cell collection kit for instance. Throw in some chocolates which are bound to come in handy for the mom and you too.

  4. Make a contact list

    It is important to make a list of the most important people to be notified of any developments and news. Keep a list in handy or make a group on your phone. It wouldn’t be a pretty sight if you forget the mom’s best friend and the child’s potential godparent!

  5. Think about the Future

    One of the responsibilities as a parent is to think and plan for the future. You can take this time to take a decision that will safeguard not just the health and well-being of your child, but the health of your family as well. Enroll for Stem Cell Banking and take the decision to preserve your child’s stem cells. This way, your child and your family can be protected.

These five simple steps can change the way you feel about pregnancy. You can earn your ‘Worlds Best Dad’ badge even before your child is born and what higher honour could you ask for?


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