The best clothes to wear during pregnancy


Just by making some clever choices you can absolutely look gorgeous during pregnancy. The reason why we say clever choices is, make sure you opt for prenatal clothes, that you can wear not when your baby is in your belly but also in your arms. The coolest and most essential criteria of pregnancy wear is about how comfortable you feel in it while you are pregnant. The wardrobe turns to be super exciting if you can plug in all your creativity and a bit of sense of style into the clothing you already own.

Mothers-to-be gather a lot of pounds during this phase and there is also a need to create an additional space for the expanding baby bump in the pregnancy outfit. The best pregnancy clothes to suit the occasion is a loose fitting kurti of floral colorful pattern matching with a dark shaded expandable legging or tights. These stylish and comfortable prenatal clothes will not just camouflage the bump with its colorful patterns but also make the mom feel more confident.

Another lovely combination that can be added to your closet is a spaghetti topped with a cardigan of a vibrant shade. This can be paired with a cotton palazzo that will bring out the elegance of the season in a mom. Generally, the bump becomes visible only in the second or third trimester, so choose tunics of plain shades and wear a belt above the waistline to define your curves beautifully. Any flowy skirts, wrap around and bottoms with a flare will make your prenatal clothes look graceful.

Make sure you play around well with your accessories, makeup, footwear, and hairdos to match with your pregnancy wear. Another best pregnancy clothing combo can be a long tank top with a fold over casual yoga pants, this will give a very relaxed and cool look to the mother. There are many such innovative ideas you can bank on, so explore fresh ideas, mix and match your clothes and see what best suits you dynamic pregnancy figure.


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