Symptoms of Pregnancy: 10 Signs You Must Know

10 signs

Are you eagerly waiting to become a mother and experience the joys of pregnancy? Here is a list of 10 pregnancy symptoms that you might overlook as pre-menstrual symptoms. If you experience these symptoms, it is essential to take your prenatal vitamins and avoid excess work.

  1. Tender and swollen breasts: You may experience soreness and tingling in your breasts if you are pregnant. The breasts become tender and change shape as they prepare to produce milk after child birth.
  2.  Spotting: Some women may experience mild spotting within 5-10 days of conception as the embryo implants to the uterus. Most women confuse it with periods but spotting is irregular and mild compared to menstrual periods.
  3. Darkening of areola: During pregnancy, the hormones cause darkening of the areolas, the circle around the nipple. The areolas become dark and wide as pregnancy progresses.
  4. Sensitivity to smell: Many pregnant women experience heightened sense of smell which is one of the common symptoms of pregnancy. If you get nauseated by the brewing smell in the cafeteria, it might be a sign.
  5. Unusual food craving: Although food craving occurs after the first month, it is one of the symptoms of pregnancy that should not ignore. You might crave for unusual food items like red meat, sour foods etc.
  6. Missed period: Missing your monthly period is a strong sign of pregnancy if your menstrual cycle is regular. In most women, the periods might be delayed resulting in false pregnancy hopes. So, it is advisable to check with home pregnancy test.
  7. Frequency of Urine: During pregnancy, your uterus presses directly on the urinary bladder causing pressure. This results in more frequent urination as the pregnancy progresses.
  8. Fatigue and dizziness: As pregnancy demands more energy, nutrition and strength, it is quite natural for expectant mothers to feel exhausted and dizzy. If you feel tired more than usual, listen to your body’s need and relax. It could be one of the symptoms of pregnancy.
  9. Nausea: Morning sickness causes nausea in pregnant women due to the action of pregnancy hormones. This is another symptom that confirms pregnancy and if you often feel nauseated, it is a sign indicating the need for a home pregnancy test.
  10. Headache and Mood swings: Pregnancy hormones cause mood swings, emotional stress and forgetfulness in mothers-to-be. The physical stress and fatigue also increases the headache. This is the body’s way of getting adjusted to the pregnancy changes.


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