Success story: Sibling’s umbilical cord stem cells save 2-year-old from Chronic Granulomatous Disease

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Duke University’s Paediatric Blood and Bone Marrow transplant program headed by Dr.Vinod Prasad enables 2-year-old little boy Thor to subdue Chronic Granulomatous Disease using his sister’s umbilical cord stem cells.

Thor Uran, an active little boy with a lovely smile was battling a rare genetic disorder called Chronic Granulomatous Disease. This condition subjects its victims to a constant risk of infections and makes them incapable of fighting certain bacteria and fungus.

This condition hindered the little boy from leading a normal life by making him homebound unable to play in the dirt, sand and leaves, depriving him of his precious childhood. The doctors suggested the only hope for the little boy to lead a normal life would be bone marrow transplant, but the doctors were unable to source a suitable match for the little one.

So the family sought help from the University of Dukes’ as they specialised in cord blood transplants. The Dukes’ were known for their 1993 success of unrelated cord blood transplant and have also done a handful of such successful infusions in the subsequent years.

Having understood Thor’s condition Dr.Prasad of Dukes’ University said the success of this case would definitely be a cutting edge achievement in cord blood transplant. Also, luckily during the same span Thor’s mom was expecting her next baby Lila, thus the attention of the team at Dukes’ fell on Thor’s sister Lila’s cord blood stem cells.

Before Lila was born the team at Dukes’ were sure that her cord blood stem cells matched Thor and did not carry the Chronic Granulomatous Disorder. So the family moved to Durham for Lila’s birth and Thor’s transplant.

Dr Prasad said, the complications in cord blood transplants relative to peripheral blood transplants is very minimal and does not require a perfect match

The first dose of chemotherapy suppressed Thor’s immune system and he was all set to accept his sister’s cord blood stem cells. The transplant was successful and in 3 months, Thor was leading a normal life, his parents always dreamt him to have.

He also shares a special unbreakable bond with his little sister Lila for having saved his life and being a part of him. It was happy to see the little 2-year-old leading a healthy life, blowing kisses at the passers-by said Dr.Vinod Prasad from the Dukes’ University.

If you want to know how to preserve your baby’s cord blood cells, click the link below:

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