Study Reveals Exposure To Environmental Pollutants During Pregnancy Can Have An Impact On Your Child

Study Reveals Exposure environment

A new study done in San Francisco showed that the fetuses absorbed the greater level of environmental pollutants that pregnant women were exposed to, causing hazards to their child & to the cord blood samples.

The study included Bio-monitoring derived from testing of maternal samples collected from 77 pregnant mothers at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. The umbilical cord blood samples from 65 women also were tested after they delivered their babies. The study showed that this is was more common in lesser developed countries where the level of pollution was high and not checked at regular intervals by the national pollution boards.

The study found the presence of 59 toxic chemicals in the maternal samples of these pregnant women and also in the blood sample of their newborn infants. The tests measured the presence of chemicals such as Polychlorinated biphenyls, organochlorine pesticides, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, perfluorinated compounds, mercury, lead and other chemicals. These harmful chemicals have been found in 99 % of pregnant women in the US according to NHANES survey.

The women exposed to such harmful pollutants are linked with premature birth, low birth weight and birth defects in newborns. Almost 80% of the chemicals detected in the maternal samples were also detected in the umbilical cord blood samples by passing through the placenta posing a severe health risk to the babies. 77% of the samples showed significant correlations in maternal and umbilical cord correlations.

Thus, from these studies, it is evident that what a pregnant woman is exposed to plays a major part in the health of their newborn and also on the quality of cord blood harvested. Being cautious of your lifestyle can staying away from heavy pollutants can help you give birth to a healthier baby. Keeping smoking and smokers at bay, sticking to organic foods, eating simple home well-cooked foods, eschewing genetically modified and preserved food range can be a real boon to your baby. Apart from these engaging in regular breathing exercise in a clean and natural environment every day can also contribute a lot to the health of your baby



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