Stem Cells Helps Kid Fight Against Rare Cancer


The use of autologous stem cells (own stem cells) have helped 7-year-old, Vedant Jangid fight against a rare type of cancer called Burkitt’s Lymphoma.

Burkitt’s Lymphoma is a rare blood cancer. It is considered especially dangerous because the root of the disease happens to the immune system. The human immune system consists of three main cell types – T cells, B cells and natural killer cells. These B Cells are produced in the Bone Marrow and travel through the entire body via the blood. These cells help in identifying harmful cells in our body and trigger a reaction to remove them.

Burkitt’s Lymphoma attacks weak B Cells in the immune system. It is considered the fastest growing tumour and is rapidly fatal if not treated. Long periods of chemotherapy have only increased the lifespan because relapses are very common for this type of cancer. However, with stem cells, there seems to be a hope for a fighting chance.

In 2015, cancer was detected in Vedant Jangid stomach and it was diagnosed as Burkitt’s Lymphoma. He was given chemotherapy in his hometown of Indore. However, cancer relapsed and had spread to stomach and leg. That is when he was brought to Mumbai for further treatment.

In Mumbai, doctors decided that the best option for Vedant was for him to undergo a Bone Marrow Transplant. They decided to use his own healthy stem cells for the procedure. In November 2016, doctors started collecting his stem cells. Over the next 5 months they collected enough to proceed with the transplant.

He finally underwent the procedure and has been discharged in March 2017. Vedant is now recovering slowly and is happily spending his time watching cartoons and reading his school books. Doctors are hopeful that the treatment will help him recover in a couple of months and Vedant should soon be able to rejoin school.

Stem cells treatment has given a young bud the chance to flower into a beautiful person. A lot more medical conditions are becoming treatable with stem cells. This will help a lot more people live better lives.




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