Stem Cells Help Florida Based Chef Fight Back a Rare Disease

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Stem cells enable 67-year-old chef Stefan to fight his fatal disease of Amyloidosis at Mayo’s Clinic, Florida Campus.

Stefan Gyorkos was a passionate chef at a Local Golf & Country Club in Florida. Being a chef Stefan was on his feet throughout the day, thus his swollen feet never fetched much of his attention. When Stefan visited his doctor to check for dermatitis on his nail, the blood profile showed steeply elevated abnormal protein called amyloid in his blood.

Amyloidosis is relatively a rare condition that occurs when abnormal protein named amyloid produced in the bone marrow is present in the blood. This protein migrates from the bone marrow to the bloodstream and deposits in any tissue causing organ damage. There is no cure for this condition and can only be managed by minimizing the formation of the protein. Across the world, very few oncologists are trained and experienced in treating this condition.

Stefan was subjected to full evaluation; the other tests like the kidney biopsy and other body fluid tests also confirmed the condition. Stefan was suggested to go for chemotherapy along with the combination of stem cell transplant by Dr.Sikander Ailawadhi of Mayo Clinic an expert in treating Amyloidosis.

He was advised to go for a series of 6-8 sittings of chemotherapy cycles, but after completion of the 2nd cycle, Stefan was told that he was not responding well to the treatment. Immediately Dr. Sikander proposed the stem cell transplant to treat Stefan’s condition. Stefan just put all his faith on the power of stem cells and kept his fingers crossed. The team at Mayo Clinic was very optimistic about his recovery.

Off-course as per the team’s optimism Stefan started to recover, though it wasn’t easy as expected. His immune system took much longer to stabilize as it was forced to an immune compromised state for a span. Gradually Stefan was discharged from the hospital.

Now for the past one year the protein levels are slowly improving and now are at manageable levels. Stefan says he is better than before by the power of stem cells. He has recently taken up a part-time job of a chef and had resumed back to his normal life.

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