Stem cells break the routine of treating liver cirrhosis with liver transplants


A new study was conducted at National University Hospital at Singapore to offer hope to numerous patients who are fighting end-stage liver cirrhosis and awaiting a liver transplant.”The incidence of fatty liver in Singapore is increasing just like in most parts of the developed world. Liver transplant is the last-resort for a variety of liver cell damaging conditions such as liver cirrhosis.

Now,  a game changing therapy using stem cell is expected to usher the winds of favour in patients suffering from liver related conditions. Stem cells are used in the treatment of 80 other medical conditions and around the world, there are over 500 clinical trials that are checking the efficacy of stem cells in the treatment of many more conditions. To preserve these wonder cells when your baby is born, click:

This study involved a sample size of 46 patients all between the age group of 40 & 70 years. The patients chosen were all chronically ill and in their terminal stage of liver disease. These patients were divided into two groups for the study. One being the therapeutic group and the control group.

Generally, if 5 patients were diagnosed with the terminal liver disease only 1 was fit enough for a liver transplant. So, in this case, stem cell therapy was a big hope for such patients, a real windfall to damaged liver cells. Moreover, the complexity of liver transplant procedure made it too complicated for patients to cope up. Thereby surging the morbidity and mortality rates to 50%/year.

The bone marrow of all the patients was stimulated to initiate the supportive treatment for liver cirrhosis. In patients of the therapeutic group, stem cells from the bone marrow were extracted and infused directly into the liver for a specifically target repair of the liver cells.

The cost of treatment for the entire 46 patients mounted to about 2.6 million SGD and this sum was completely funded by National Medical Research Council. After the stem cell infusion the patients will be offered 3 months period for engraftment and later the pre and post transplant results will be evaluated.

The stem cell therapy is non-invasive, the mortality rate is significantly expected to be lower in these patients. Promising results are witnessed in animal studies so a similar positive outcome is expected in humans as well.



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