Stem cells and its Magic on hearts

stem and magic heart

A small scale trial developed by British regenerative medicine proved stem cells can reduce scarring in patients with heart failure to 40% and also improve the recovery and survival rates.

What happens during an episode of heart failure?

When a patient suffers a heart failure he encounters a heart attack that permanently damages the heart tissue by scarring and weakening it. A heart that has undergone a heart failure is not capable of pumping blood efficiently throughout the body, thereby crippling the patient and eventually resulting in death.

Magic potion of the treatment

This treatment was developed by British regenerative medicine and involves infusing of adult stem cells into heart musculature during the bypass surgery. This treatment surprisingly caused a reversal of scarring with visible regeneration of heart muscles.

The research findings

A total of 11 patients with severe heart failure were treated in the year 2012 under the special guidance of Professor Steve Westaby and specialists like Dr. Kryiakos and Dr. Polychronis at John Radcliffe Hospital.

After completion of 3 years, all the 11 patients were alive and healthy; the results seen were unbelievably phenomenal. On a general life expectancy of patients with heart failure is less than 2 years, but these patients who were subjected to this treatment were alive and going strong,  the team of doctors were so excited about their new found treatment and wanted to take it forward for a rigorous clinical trial.

Nearly one-third of the patients admitted with heart failure generally die within 12 months of duration. Thus, indeed this treatment showed a positive outcome in patients with heart failure.

The surprising outcome of the treatment

 The cells used for this treatment were immuno-modulatory progenitor cells (iMP), these are adult stem cells that have the potency to differentiate into different cell types such as heart, bone, blood and so on. These cells reduced the inflammation and also promoted  regeneration of the damaged tissues; thereby giving an outcome of 40% reduction in scarring and 70% improvement in the quality of life of the patients.

Dr. Westaby was surprised to see scarred heart to be revived for the first time, claiming that the happening was remarkable. Dr. Jeremy Pearson associate director of the British heart foundation also recommended this study to be proceeded to a larger controlled trial group immediately.

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