Stem Cell Therapy Saves Young Mother From Multiple Sclerosis

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A mother of two beautiful children, Lucie Clark was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis while she was slowing losing her eyesight and ability to walk. Luckily, with the help of stem cell therapy she has regained her health and got a new lease on life in Sydney, Australia.

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects about 10000 people every year and it is more prevalent in women compared to men. This medical condition affects the brain and spinal cord thereby disrupting the flow of information inside the brain as well as between the brain and the body. The early symptoms such as blurred vision, tingling, weakness, numbness, muscle stiffness affect the patient’s normal life activities while severe symptoms include mental, physical & psychiatric problems, inability to walk etc.

Stem cell transplant is considered as a possible treatment options for multiple sclerosis as the patients recover faster than conventional treatments. However, only a small group of patients are selected for stem cell clinical trials, following careful assessments. Lucie Clark was one of the few patients eligible to take part in the clinical trial, organized by St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney for auto immune disorders. This trial is a first of its kind that involves stimulating the bone marrow of the patients to release large numbers of stem cells. These stem cells are then isolated from the patient’s blood and stored in a freezer while the patient undergoes chemotherapy. After extensive chemotherapy, the stem cells are injected back into their body which will replicate and form new blood and immune system.

Clark was treated with chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation to recover from multiple sclerosis. Within few days of treatment, Clark’s immune system began to respond and she slowly recovered from major symptoms. She was able to see, walk, drive her car, take care of the kids and do outdoor training. Recently, she was chosen as the keynote speaker at St. Vincent Hospital’s annual fundraiser.

Stem cell therapy gave her life back within few weeks of the treatment and now Clark is living a happy and a healthy life with her family in Australia. Stem cells are truly capable of changing lives and bringing happiness to individuals and their families – yet another happy ending.


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