Stem cell therapy revives Indian girl who was bedridden for 4 years


Virali Modi, who was bedridden after multiple episodes of coma, has improved beyond expectations after an infusion of stem cells by Dr. Alok Sharma, Professor and Head of Neurosurgery at LTM Medical College in Sion Mumbai.

It all began in 2006 when Virali Modi got back to the US after a brief visit to India. She developed severe fever followed by hallucinations. The doctors frantically tried to diagnose the condition but it was all in vain. Her condition worsened after she was admitted to the hospital. She suffered a massive cardiac arrest and was almost declared dead. However, she fell in to a coma and was declared ‘clinically dead’. Her haemoglobin values fell to below 3 and her body temperature was 90 F. Doctors gave up hope and  suggested removing her from life support, but they lendt an ear to the plea of her parents and agreed to wait till September 29th, her birthday. On that day, with 70 well-wishers gathered around her, singing the birthday song, her teary-eyed father took her hand to cut the cake. Suddenly, Virali, who had lain comatose for so long, opened her eyes.

After this miraculous recovery from coma, she lay bedridden for the next 4 years till she met Dr. Alok Sharma in Mumbai. He introduced Virali to stem cell therapy, after an infusion of stem cells, Virali began to sit erect and move around in a wheelchair. Today, she moves around with the hope that she will walk someday.

Virali is a brave soul who is toiling today to for make public places in India disable-friendly. Recently, she battled with the Indian Railways and advocated to make railway stations across the country more apt for the disabled to use. Thanks to her relentless activities, the Kerala government has inaugurated 6 stations in Ernakulam which are disabled friendly and with washrooms for the disabled.

Dr. Sharma from Sion LTM Mumbai said that this remarkable healing powers of stem cells can also help people with numerous other conditions such as Autism, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Head Injury and so on. He also said the stem cells harvested from the Umbilical cord are youthful, viable to differentiate and easily collected and accepted by the body without rejection. Knowing the exceptional potential of umbilical cord stem cells to repair and regenerate, we as parents should pay prime attention to these stem cells, collect them during the birth of our children and preserve them for later use. To know more about stem cell banking:



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