Smart ways of parenting twins


Parenting babies is learning, blissful and at times can be stressful experience. Especially parenting twins is always a challenging and rewarding. Most parents would be happy for their double joy but at the same time multiple thoughts crowd their mind on how they would be managing it.

As there is a saying, two is better than one, and in the case of twins, it holds true. Its important that help and support is extended to the newly mother so that there is enough support extended to the mother in helping her raise two babies which could also make a women tired and depressed at times.

Here are few tips below for effective for Parenting Twins effectively:

Preparing to parent your twins

Start preparing yourself from day when you get to know that you are going to deliver twins. Its important that you will have to organize many things in order to keep things ready once they arrive .Its good to ask for advises from real parents who have gone through this experience. It would help the new parent to accordingly apply to their respective situations.


Breastfeeding twins are not as difficult as one presumes if you learn few things. Take assistance of doctors who would help you with the art of breastfeeding twins..

Monitoring the Routines for twins

Ensure you have a routine time table that you follow for your twins as it would help you to align their routine to a larger extent in terms of food, sleeping and bed time. You may have to be flexible when your babies are ill. You can get back into the routine once your babies have settled down again.


Its important that you take some amount of rest while your twins are sleeping. Lack of sleep can make you stressed and irritable.

Get out and about with your twins

It can take longer than you think to get ready, but it’s worth trying to get out every day. Even a short walk in the fresh air will do you all good. Wrap up your twins, pop them in the pram or pushchair and go.

Join Twin Club

You can join clubs where parents of twins or likewise will be able to help you out in talking about their experience and giving solution to the similar problems that they have faced. These clubs help during twin pregnancies and also help in raising them in a good environment.

Give Separate treatment to both the babies

It is difficult to give undivided attention to both babies at the same time. Hence its important you find some time Give one to one attention as far as possible. Children prefer having complete attention of their parents and in the case of twins it will be challenging. However, if you take care, you will find some time to spend with both of your children.

Take your time

Parenting twins is never easy. Hence its important that you need to give time for first few months to settle. You may be more tired than you ever imagined possible. But be assured it gets easier with time. It’s important to appreciate these wonderful early years of parenthood.

It is important that parents of twins enjoy this moment considering it is never going to be easy but at the same time it is amazing and unique experience of bringing up twins. There would be few things that can never be in your control and its better to accept and understand it that way. Its important that you get the right support in terms of physically and mentally to cherish this special moment and help you to bring your twins up in a healthy and happy environment.


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