Smart Tips on Winter Care for Babies

winter care baby

Babies have delicate skin and winter can get really harsh on them. Most of you have already started experiencing winter and must be worried about how to manage your babies’ skin during winter. As an anxious mother, you may not want to see baby’s tender skin becoming dry, so we help you with few basic tips to keep their rose skin soft and agile.


It’s important that baby’s skin is soft hence massaging baby’s skin with oil becomes imperative as oil has a tendency to penetrate deep into the skin.  Use only that quantity of oil that would be easily absorbed by the skin as too much can lead to acne.


Try restricting your baby’s bathing time to as short as possible. If it’s too cold, you can choose to bathe once in two days or else you can just wipe your baby with a warm towel and change his clothing. Once you bathe or wipe your baby with a warm towel, apply baby lotion or baby’s moisturizing cream so the moisture is locked in and the skin is well protected.

Applying Petroleum Jelly and Lotion

Nose is very sensitive and is tender for infants and toddlers. If the nose area is dry then apply petroleum jelly in and around the nose area. If left unnoticed the skin may become dry and bleed. In the case of an infant or a toddler, just make sure that he/she doesn’t rub that area.

Ensure the right temperature for your baby

Avoid bundling your child and keeping him too warm. This sometimes leads to sweating which might irritate the skin. Baby’s head and ear should be kept warm by covering it with hat or hood. Ensure that your baby is not getting irritated because of too many clothes.

Keep your Baby hydrated

Make your baby drink lukewarm water according to his age (6 months and older) so that the skin remains hydrated.

A baby’s skin is tender and sensitive and is vulnerable to damage during winter. It can lose moisture upto five times faster as compared to adult skin. By following these few simple tips above, your baby will enjoy the winter glow with a happy skin!


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