Satyamev Jayathe!


Female foeticide and dowry have plagued our country for years. Activists have cried hoarse about them. NGOs tirelessly work towards ridding these evils from our society. Yet it takes someone of Aamir Khan’s stature to create a massive ripple in the minds of our people.

The high drama on the issue of female foeticide saw some immediate outcomes. The Rajasthan State Government set up a fast-track court and expedited the process of solving female foeticide cases. Several medical clinics saw their licenses being cancelled. The National Commission for Women set up a 24 helpline in Gujarat, with the promise of creating similar help lines in Haryana and Rajasthan. The issue of Dowry was next. Rani appeared as a fore runner of rebellion and protest. She inspired many. And across the country, there seems to be a minor jolt, but a jolt nevertheless.

Women’s organizations are more encouraged. Women’s causes have found a louder voice in Satyamev jayathe. Appreciating superstar Aamir Khan, National Commission for Women’s (NCW) chairperson Mamta Sharma says “The government and NGO volunteers have also been making efforts to curb the social evil and their role is definitely prime, but celebrities have their attraction among people which really works”.

Satyamev Jayathe is, at the end of the day, a televised programme, with Aamir being a superb actor. Let us hope that this, like the n number of shows that have preceded it, will pave the way for a marginally better tomorrow!


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