Returning to Work after Maternity Leave: Tips to Prepare

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Being a mother is a pleasant experience for every woman but it also comes with day to day life challenges such as sleep deprivation, lack of concentration at work, taking care of household chores and the baby etc. Most professional women returning back to work, after their first delivery, feel a sense of guilt for leaving their new born baby at home. If you feel that way, it is important to clear your mind and slowly involve into your profession. Here are some of the tips to ease your mind and help you get back on the saddle:

  • Prepare weeks ahead for the first day: It is probably best to talk to your employer or the company’s HR to understand the new changes in the company. It is important to let your employer know if there is any delay in the joining date and also discuss about lenient work timings for the first month.
  • Take up a part time assignment: Keep yourself updated about your work by taking up some simple part time assignments during maternity leave. After child birth, try to find some time, even 5 to 10 hours in a week to handle these part time assignments to keep in touch with work. It also prepares you for the actual work environment when you return from maternity leave.
  • Let the transition be gradual: As soon as you join, do not take up the entire work load as that may crush your confidence. Instead, talk to your employer about a gradual change like working half days on the first week etc., which will help you get back to the working environment better.
  • Find someone you can trust: Most working women seek the help of their family to take care of the baby for a while. Find someone you can trust to leave your baby alone for over 7 hours a day; this is important because you cannot concentrate on work otherwise. Later, you can find a day care to look after your little one.
  • Get rid of the guilt: Do not forget that you are going back to work for the sake of for you and your family. Although most women feel guilty of leaving their child to get back to their career, it is the right thing to do. Talk to your colleagues and friends who have kids about their experience and get help to cope up with work. You can concentrate on your work only if you feel free of guilt.


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