Preserve your baby’s stem cells for a lifetime: LifeCell introduces Lifetime Storage Plan

stem cell studies

In one of our earlier blog posts we had explored studies that determined the longevity of preserved stem cells. These studies do indicate that cord blood stem cells can be preserved for decades and be retrieved without much loss to the viability of the cells.

Now to make this possible for our clients, LifeCell has introduced the Lifetime Storage Plan. The best gift that expectant parents can give their children is good health for a lifetime. This can be done at the time of birth by preserving the umbilical cord stem cells that can fight over 80 medical conditions. With LifeCell’s Lifetime Storage Plan, this gift can last beyond the 21 year storage period.

The new plan now offers the possibility to preserve the stem cells for the lifetime of the baby.

Value add on the Lifetime Storage Plan: At an additional fee of Rs.50,000, LifeCell also provides Medical Insurance* of Rs.20 lakhs for the entire lifetime of the baby.

Top 3 reasons to choose Lifetime Storage Plan:

  • Giving the baby the protection of stem cells right from the time of birth makes it a precious gift. By ensuring that these stem cells are preserved for a lifetime, the care extends for the lifetime of the baby.
  • The technology to expand cord blood stem cells is evolving, thereby increasing the possibility of using the preserved stem cells for more than one time for treatments.
  • Hundreds of clinical trials around the world are testing the possibility of using stem cells for the treatment of various lifestyle conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions and so on. As these become standard treatments, the availability of preserved stem cells provides opportunity for the children to use them when need arises in the future.


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