Prenatal Vaccines for Pregnant Women in India

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Prevention is better than cure
This is the underlying reason for vaccination process but it requires a timely approach especially for women who are planning to become a mother. Pregnant women are most likely to encounter various infections which may affect the baby inside the womb. If vaccinated right on time, it will help the expectant mother and the child to stay protected from infections. During pregnancy, there are a set of vaccinations recommended for the expectant mother to immunize from infections. They are as follows:

Tetanus Vaccine

Tetanus Toxoid (TT) vaccine is administered to pregnant women in order to protect the mother and new born from Tetanus disease. This life threatening bacterial disease is caused by a bacterium, Clostridium tetani which enter the body through wound such as cut, bite, burn, ulcer etc. Tetanus affects the nervous system and may result in fatal condition so it is crucial to have TT vaccine.

If the expectant mother is not vaccinated, 2 doses are administered. The first dose will be administered in the second trimester and the second dose after 1 month. If the mother-to-be is completely immunized during childhood, then 1 booster dose in the second trimester is sufficient.

Influenza Vaccine

Influenza disease may cause adverse effects on the pregnant woman such as serious risks of hospitalization, medical complications and severe outcomes. If vaccinated against Influenza virus, the pregnant woman passes her immunity in the form of antibodies to the baby too. Pregnant women getting influenza vaccination is advisable as there are no vaccines or anti influenza drugs available for babies less than 6 months old.

Vaccines to avoid during pregnancy

The vaccines that contain live virus are risky to the baby, so it is best avoided. Here is a list of vaccines to avoid during pregnancy:

  • Rubella containing vaccine
  • Mumps containing vaccine
  • Small pox vaccine
  • Yellow fever vaccine
  • Typhoid vaccine
  • Oral polio vaccine
  • Influenza live vaccine (nasal spray)


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