Prenatal genetic testing is a right for every mother

Prenatal genetic

Ultimately every mother wants to have a healthy baby and prenatal testing gives every mother the assurance about her baby’s health while in the womb. Any structural or numerical change in the normal chromosomal alignment can cause abnormalities in the baby.

This test helps the expectant parent to know whether the child is normal through a series of screening and diagnostic tools. The mother’s blood and baby’s soft tissue structures of the baby are studied through simple blood tests and ultrasound scans. Any abnormality is denoted as a positive screen and is highlighted as a risk. Basis the result the parent can opt either reach out to support groups well ahead or take an informed decision on continuation of the pregnancy.

Prenatal screening can be done for all pregnant mothers as early as 10-13th week. In most cases doctors will ask the expectant mom to go for prenatal screening in the first trimester.If your doctor doesn’t prescribe the test for you, enquire with your doctor about the test and its benefits, as it can offer you absolute peace of mind about your baby’s health.

The test is mandatory for all pregnant moms because any child can have a chromosomal abnormality. However, the risk becomes all the more higher if the maternal age is above 35, during the time of conception or if there is a family history of chromosomal conditions or if the marriage between the parents is a consanguineous one. If the test is done early during pregnancy as per prescription, the need to go in for further invasive tests become lesser.

The common chromosomal abnormalities that can be detected through this tests are: Trisomy 12, 18, 13 , Turner’s and Klinefelter’s syndrome. Out of which Trisomy 21 commonly known as the Down Syndrome is said to be the most common one with higher incidence in India. In case any of the blood screening tests turn positive, the doctor may suggest the expectant mother to go in for further diagnostic test for confirmation of the condition in the foetus.

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