Pregnancy Troubles: How to Cope with Depression?

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Often pregnancy is portrayed as a blissful period for women but scientists say that one in ten pregnant women experience anxiety and depression. During pregnancy, the surge of hormones in the body disrupts with the brain chemistry and leads to depression. The expectant mothers undergo depression from the first trimester which may extend till the third trimester. It is important to diagnose depression as we often overlook the symptoms as mood swings. Here are the symptoms and treatment options for depression in pregnant women.

It is crucial to consult your physician and get help if you are facing 3 or more of the following symptoms for over a period of 2 weeks:

  • Feeling sad or empty for most of the day or always
  • If you can’t concentrate in everyday activities and poor memory
  • Facing trouble sleeping, insomnia or always sleeping
  • Excessive crying, annoyance or irritability over everything
  • Feeling inadequate and low. Loss of interest in things that you would normally like.
  • Withdrawal from the social crowd and feeling lonely.
  • Change in appetite (eating less or overeating) but it should not be confused with morning sickness.
  • Fear of being alone with the baby or fear of the baby being unsettled.
  • Difficulty in decision making and poor judgment.
  • Thoughts of harming the baby or yourself, wanting to escape from everything or ending your life.

Remedies for Depression

There are various non medical remedies to treat depression which includes:

  • Psychotherapy – Trained therapists will teach new approaches to control thoughts and elevated emotions through cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Light therapy – Here, the depressed pregnant women will be exposed to sun light at particular time of the day to relieve from depression.
  • Talk it out and Bonding with partner – Talking out to your physician and your partner can relieve you from depression. Bonding with your partner helps to beat emotional stress and thereby depression.

There are also anti depressant available but it is necessary to check with your physician as these medications are generally not advisable for pregnant women.


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