Pregnancy Support: Who is a Good Listener?

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Comfort During Pregnancy
Being pregnant for the first time can be difficult due to the pregnancy stress and mood swings. The good news is that you are not alone and there are people to support you throughout the pregnancy period. The trick is to find the right people who can listen to your problems, understand your fears and support you during the time of need. Here are some of the tips to find out whom to talk to about your pregnancy expectations.

  • Weight Gain: If you’re sensitive to criticism about your body’s appearance, share your weight gain issues only with your gynecologist. Do not let everybody give you advice about your weight gain which will stress you more. It is better to embrace your pregnancy changes than worrying about it.
  • About Labour: Ask your gynecologist, antenatal care teacher or your mother. Do not ask someone who went on a really long labour or a c-section. Discussing with your doctor or spouse will be supportive and reassuring.
  • Maternity Clothing: Discuss with your friends who were pregnant to know comfortable options and to save some pennies. Do not get suggestions from those who think maternity clothes are a waste of money.
  • Fatigue Symptoms: Talk to your spouse, family members or even your employer to help you go through the pregnancy discomforts at work and home. You can also discuss with your doctor to have a medical opinion.
  •  Diet: Consult your doctor, antenatal counselor and your spouse regarding the food intakes to have a healthy diet. Some people might advice you to ‘eat for two’ which will make you gain more weight than required. Most importantly, do not rely to those calorie counters.
  • Pregnancy Experience: Your spouse, friends who have babies or any pregnancy support groups to share your experiences. As pregnancy is a unique experience, sharing it with other mothers-to-be will improve your mental health and relieve you from stress.
  • Baby Names: Discussing baby names with your spouse can be fun and an option to connect with each other by spending more quality time. Do not include others in the name hunt as it may lead to conflict of interests.


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