Physical Changes during Pregnancy

physical changes

A woman’s body undergoes many transformations during her nine months of pregnancy. Some of the bodily changes that are visible are expanding belly and weight gain, while others might not be visible, but experienced by the mother such as an enlarged uterus, morning sickness, backaches etc.,

Common physical changes witnessed by a pregnant mother:

  1. Changes in the Breasts: During early pregnancy, the breasts become extremely tender and may become larger too. This is because your breasts are preparing to breastfeed your baby. Sometimes, the early form of milk known as the colostrum may also ooze out.
  2. Congestion: The volume of blood increases and can lead to stuffy nose, lightheadedness and congestion. Some nasal spray to clear out the mucus will do a lot of good.
  3. Frequent urination: During pregnancy, there is an increase in the frequency of urination due to excess pressure on the bladder. The increasing weight of the baby exerts pressure on kidneys creating urgency for the mother to urinate.
  4. Oral changes: Since the baby extracts all the calcium it needs from the mother, if the mother isn’t consuming enough calcium rich foods, it can take a toll on the mother’s bones and teeth. Some mothers may even experience bleeding in the gums. So consumption of good nutritive food and ensuring the hygiene of your mouth and teeth can help immensely
  5. Gasping for breath: Towards the final trimester, as the baby grows, it compresses the diaphragm. The lung space of the mother is highly compromised, resulting in severe shortness of breath. Lying on one side can bring a lot of comfort during this period
  6. Aches & Pains: The release of the hormone relaxin causes laxity of the ligaments and tendons. This hormone is useful for stretching of the pelvic muscles during labour. But during pregnancy muscle laxity is caused by this hormone and can yield to aches and pains. The growth in the weight of the baby can also produce an excess of strain on the mother’s joints. The ligaments and tendons can also stretch, causing muscular and postural imbalances resulting in pain. Another common condition seen in pregnant mothers is carpal tunnel syndrome. This can compress the nerves in the wrist causing neural pain in the hands. In such cases, doctors can even recommend ibuprofen from the 28th week of pregnancy
  7. Constipation: Pregnancy hormones can cause a berserk derailment in the mother’s bowel movement. It is important to keep in mind that she should not strain her rectum as this can lead to haemorrhoids. A regimen of regular exercise, surplus water and high fibre diet will do a lot of help to ease constipation in pregnant mothers.
  8. Heartburn: In the last trimester, most pregnant women experience pressure on the uterus accompanied with relaxation the oesophageal valve, this causes backward reflux into the throat. A mild antacid, timely meal plan can soothe this discomfort in pregnant women
  9. Leg cramps: You may feel sudden tingling and pulling pain in the leg, particularly in the night. This is caused due to low iron and potassium levels. Taking iron supplements, doing regular exercises and stretching before and after going to bed can surely help.
  10. Stretch marks: Enormous stretching of skin in the tummy due to the increase in growth of the baby and weight gain can cause collagen leniency. Application of cocoa butter and consumption of good nutritious diet can also maintain the skin integrity to a great extent.
  11. Weight gain: Another most common thing witnessed by all mothers is weight gain. Some mothers might feel too upset about the sudden surge of weight. Knowing the ideal range of weight gain which is 12-15 kg can enable the mom to mend her diet, accordingly.

These bodily changes during pregnancy are the most natural things a mother can expect during her gestational phase. Choosing to adapt to it well by following the above-said recommendations would definitely help you to ease out of these discomforts.


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