Parenting Special Children

parenting special childrens

Parents of special children have greater challenges to overcome than we ever thought possible. It is often filled with difficult choices and strong emotions and ongoing need for information. There may be many difficult situations, the most common challenge that we face is managing the behaviour, it can be stressful at times.

Rules to Manage the Behaviour

The thumb rule to help the special child in managing his/her behaviour is to understand that, the problem lies in the learning process and not in the person. It is very essential to listen to what they speak. Being consistent in our approach will deter confusions. Your body language plays an important role, especially when you are in stress. Confronting them will only result in further distance between you and the children.

Tips from Parents on Managing Behaviour

Initially when you learn that your child is a special child, it can be shocking and feel isolated. But the truth is that you are not alone. Here are few tips given by parents who have faced the reality to alleviate your anxiety.

  1. Seek the assistance from a parent – There are plenty of blogs and articles that provide you various information on Managing Behaviour but the strength and confidence you get from a parent is tremendous.
  2. Talk with your family and other important people around you – The biggest concern one may have is that spouse not being a source of strength to other mate. The more the couples share the more the collective strength. It is very essential to explain to people about your feeling and perceptions towards your child especially when they don’t see the way you look at.
  3. Understand the terminology-  When you are introduced to new terminology, do not hesitate to ask what it means. Understand what it means and do not give room for any miscommunication.
  4. Have a positive outlook – A positive attitude is the genuine key to help you deal with managing behaviour. Focus on the positives and rely on positive sources. Staying positive does not mean losing the track with reality. Accepting the reality and having a positive attitude is very essential.
  5. Find support programs for your child – Get in touch with a support group, who can help you get started in gaining the information and assistance you need. There are plenty of services available to provide a healthy environment for your child. Remember there are service programs for parents and family members as well.



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