Once a mother, always a mother


You walk sleepily into the rest room to take that urine test. As the double strip shows up, you are wide awake. You scream in delight, waking up the neighborhood!

It’s the start of a wondrous journey. Nevertheless, acidity, fatigue, nausea, mood swings et al make the initial months not so easy.

The second trimester comes as a breather for many. The “be careful”, period is over. The bump begins to show, and the nausea fades a little. The kicks begin. “How he squirms from one end to the other”! Sleepless nights, muscle pulls, breathlessness, vague fears,… the mom to be braves it all, while nature carefully nurtures the little one in the safest place in the universe. The work in progress nears completion.The fully grown baby is all set to greet the world. The head turns around, fixes itself. Before you know it, water breaks, labour sets in, a few contractions, a few screams, and there… the bundle of joy is all yours to cuddle. The wait is over.

You would do anything to protect this child from the slightest cold. Wouldn’t you then naturally ensure that your baby survives any ailment later on in life?

You could start by banking your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells. Stem cells have the ability to treat over 75 serious ailments such as leukemia, brain injury, juvenile diabetes and more. Visit this site to know more – Lifecell

You sustained your baby all through pregnancy. With stem cell banking, you can rest assured, that you will give her a fresh lease of life when she needs it most.


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