Nick Charalambous celebrates his recovery from cancer using stem cells in an unusual way

Nick Charalambous

Nick was diagnosed with a rare lymphoma that had made all his bones brittle and grabbed away his ability to walk. He was prescribed to go for rounds of chemotherapy followed by a stem cell transplant. During the phase of chemotherapy he had become all the more weak, so soon after his stem cell transplant, when his health recovered, he decided to go on a bike trip around South Carolina.

3 years ago Nick had never imagined he could take this 800-mile bike challenge after recovery, because he felt so weak. Now after this phenomenal recovery, Nick wanted to help other survivors to regain back their health, somehow. So he took up to biking and crusading for stem cell transplant. Nick is now celebrating his 2 years of cancer-free life and riding on his bike through South Carolina to raise money for cancer research.

It all started with night sweats and intense muscle pain for Nick, despite several tests and MRI the doctors were still puzzled about the causative. Nick was naturally a very active man and an avid cyclist, but the onset of this miserable symptoms held him bound to follow his heart.

Initially the doctors though that Nick was straining too much and asked him to cut on his biking. In 2015, Nick also developed pain in his low back and struggling to bend forward. End of July that year, he could barely get up from his seat. It was then he was diagnosed with a rapidly progressive type of cancer, that eventually made his bones crumble. Usually, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is presented as bone cancer, so Nick understood that is bone were eventually going to break down.

The doctors feared that it was already too late as Nick’s spine showed thousands of tiny fractures. The calcium overload also made the bones break due to hypercalcemia, this can be fatal too. So the doctors send Nick immediately to Medical University of South Carolina for several months of chemotherapy. Excruciating pain made Nick unable to walk. Everything turned hopeless, to Nick mere survival was itself was a question.

When all seemed lost there came hope in form of a stem cell transplant. After the stem cell transplant Nick started to revive gradually. Nick says, through the complete journey God’s grace was upholding him and he was going to get restored back to normal by God. As per his faith, God healed him and stem cell transplant worked a true magic on him.

After this near death experience, Nick trained himself to go for a nice long ride to celebrate his recovery proclaiming this miracle to other cancer survivors who have lost their hope. Nick’s wife said stem cell transplant was a huge catalyst to his recovery and after the transplant he was left as child trying to walk for the first time, because all his muscles were atrophied.

From this heart-warming story we understand stem cells are tiny cells with great potential. Preserving them at a child’s birth will be of great use in the coming years,in case there was a unwarranted need in the family.



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