Nice bucket challenge!


Here’s no way one could’ve missed the latest rage on the Internet and social media: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

For the benefit of our readers, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge refers to an activity in which people challenge one another to douse a bucket of ice water to raise awareness of the disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ALS), a motor neuron disorder. People not willing to take on the challenge can forfeit by donating to research.

What is however happening in the stem cell industry in connection with ALS? LifeCell’s technology partner Cryo-Cell International, USA, the world’s first private stem cell bank, is providing funding for a cord blood clinical trial application to treat ALS.

Cryo-Cell’s cell therapy research affiliate Saneron CCEL Therapeutics will be filing an Investigational New Drug Application for FDA for phase I Safety trial enrolling 12 patients diagnosed with ALS. Read full text here

According to the ALS Association, in the U.S., approximately 30,000 people have ALS and each year 5,000 people are diagnosed with the disease.


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