Newborn Screening Test List

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Giving birth to a baby is a wonderful phase in a couple’s life. After 40 weeks of wait, the excitement is unleashed as you hold the little one in your arms. But what happens after the baby is born, is much more challenging. Nursing and nurturing the child to become a healthy adult, leading a normal life is huge responsibility of every parent.

Taking care of your Newborn can often be confusing and demanding too. A new parent can grow really anxious as most babies unfold a lot of surprises. Sometimes, new parents might even wonder whether the baby is normal and free from all inborn metabolic & genetic errors.

To ensure that a baby will progress well into childhood, there is an essential screening test called Newborn screening that can be given to your child to check for inborn metabolic and genetic errors.

What is Newborn Screening

Newborn screening test was developed in US in 1960 to screen babies with Phenylketonuria (PKU), a condition that could result in permanent mental retardation in newborns. Now the Newborn screening test list has expanded to screen several other inborn metabolic errors  including:

  • Amino acid disorders
  • Organic acid disorders
  • Enzyme deficiencies
  • Haematological conditions
  • Infectious diseases
  • Fatty acid oxidation conditions
  • Endocrinopathies.

Newborn Screening is a safe and simple test that screens over 50 metabolic and genetic conditions that can be hidden in your baby. It should be ideally done within 48 hours after birth. It is better to do this test within this stipulated time, because certain conditions can go undetected, if done later. Incase a parent misses out on this golden hour, the test can still be done till the baby turns 5 years. The sample for the test is collected through a simple heel prick on babies. Few drops of blood  and urine sample are collected and sent to the lab for screening.

It is important to remember that a baby might appear completely normal at birth, but it is still important to do this test.  As most of these conditions are hidden and are not apparent at birth. It is also good to get the test done early as this can pave way to get timely treatment and save the child from several irreversible damages.

Why to choose Babyshield Newborn Screening

BabyShield is a renowned mother and baby preventive health care service with a mission to ensure every baby grows healthy. It is powered by LifeCell, India’s first and largest stem cell bank. It is designed exclusively to cater to the Indian population, as its screening inclusions are built primarily based on the statistical data derived from incidence of conditions in India. It incorporates the advanced two-tier testing model to deliver highly precise results. Its fastest reporting system also gives an opportunity for the condition to be addressed without any delay. BabyShield has regular quality checks and is accredited by renowned governing bodies in the industry.

What to do

Every expectant parent should ask their doctor about Newborn Screening test list. By enrolling for this test the parent can be assured of not just offering their baby a healthy start but also have the confidence of offering a healthy future for their baby.


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