Myths breakers on labour & delivery

myths on labor

With half baked information and personal experiences, our ancestors have woven several fables around the topic of labour and delivery. Here are some interesting facts that can defog a few of these prevalent myths.

Myth # 1: Eating a lot of ghee can help to facilitate an easy delivery

Fact: Pure ghee extracted from grass fed cows are a rich source of good fatty acids, essential for the development of brain cells of the baby. However, eating too much of it can make the pregnant woman gain a lot of pounds making labour tougher for her.

Myth # 2: Walking makes labour easier

Fact: It is good for a pregnant woman to do exercises during pregnancy, by all means. Generally, the process of labour is strenuous and demands a good cardiovascular endurance. To strengthen the cardiovascular endurance during pregnancy  a woman should indulge in regular aerobic activity such as walking, swimming, low impact dancing or static cycling. Exercises like pelvic stretches, pelvic floor strengthening will also surely help in the case of a vaginal birth because of their impact on the pelvic floor musculature.

Myth # 3: Second delivery is always easier

Fact: This is partially true but not completely true. After a vaginal birth, the birth canal may widen a bit, but there might be other complications like breech presentation or cervical distortia during the second delivery. These might result in a complicated delivery or C-section during the subsequent births.

Myth # 4: Every time before labour begins your water will break

Fact:Your contraction might start but your water might not break even until you give birth in some cases. In a few, even after the water has broken the contractions might take a while to commence.So the complete process of labour and delivery cannot be generalised and can differ from person to person.

Myth # 5: Spinal Anaesthesia gives back pain

Fact: Back pain after delivery is generally due to weak back and abdominal muscles. Their inability to hold the spine in position can cause strain in the back. Mostly after the C-section it takes months for woman to strengthen their truncal muscles with exercises, so the tone of the muscles is poor resulting in pain. This spinal anaesthesia or epidural does not contribute to back pain in any way.

Myth # 6: Pouring hot water over the back increases your chance of normal delivery

Fact: Off-course taking measures like soaking yourself in hot water(sitz-bath) and pouring warm water over the back can relax the sore muscles of the hip and back during pregnancy and act as a mode of fermentation. This will no way contribute to a normal delivery in pregnant women.

Myth # 7: Pregnant couple indulging in an intercourse can harm the baby

Fact: It is good for the couple to abstain from having sex during the first trimester till the implantation is stable within the uterine wall. Thereafter from the second trimester, if there are no complications the doctor gives a green signal for the couple to have sex. It is good to opt for comfortable position, so that the pressure on the abdomen is minimised.

Myth # 8: If your first delivery is a C-section you would definitely have a caesarean in your subsequent delivery

Fact: The doctor deciding on a normal or C-section purely takes her decision depending on the complications associated with the pregnancy. Trivial whether the former delivery is a normal or C-section, the doctor takes the call considering the safety of the mom and baby.


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