Mother’s Day wishes to the wisest mommies in town

mothers day

According to “” the international community that advocates preservation of stem cells most children have started to ask their parents on what they have done with their cord blood.

Children these days have learnt that their cord blood stem cells can save lives. Thus, they express their desire to their parents to preserve these tiny and potent cells obtained from their umbilical cord blood during birth. Since, the exercise of preserving cord blood stem cells is a once in a lifetime opportunity, if the parents have failed to preserve their kid’s stem cells at birth, they would never be able to fulfil their child’s desire.

Umbilical cord blood stem cells have both regenerative and replacement properties and currently is used in the treatment of 80+ medical conditions. It can be a life-saver for patients suffering from leukaemia, lymphoma and other life-threatening blood cancers. Unfortunately, it these stem cells are not preserved at birth routinely it becomes a medical waste and is discarded.

The prevalence of blood-related conditions now in India has grown enormously placing a huge demand for matching unit of stem cells. This demand will never have an impact on families, who have banked their baby’s stem cells with LifeCell’s community stem cell banking. This is because by being a part of the community you and your family not only gain access to your kid’s own stem cells but also to the stem cells of other members of the community, literally vanishing the dearth for stem cells.

This mother’s day, LifeCell wants to appreciate every responsible and thoughtful mother who has taken the effort to safeguard the health of her entire family with the power of stem cells. She has definitely fulfilled the unheard desire of her newborn and made a great initiative to secure the future of her baby with good health by being a part of LifeCell community stem cell banking as well.



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