Morning Sickness May Lead to Smarter Kids

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Are you in your first trimester, sick and throwing up all day and night? Is morning sickness taking a toll on your body and you’re counting every day to second trimester, just to get rid of morning sickness?

Here’s good news for you! Researchers at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto have discovered that morning sickness in mothers enhances the children’s long term neurodevelopment through a study conducted for over 20 years. Morning sickness is a common pregnancy symptom affecting 85% of expectant mothers across the world. Although, there is no definite base, morning sickness is believed to be caused by pregnancy hormone, gonadotrophin released by the placenta. Nausea and vomiting during first trimester reduces the risk of miscarriage and birth defects.

The study conducted by the researchers at The Hospital for Sick Children includes mother-child pair. They categorized the mothers with severe morning sickness and mothers without morning sickness in different groups. The study findings show that the mothers who experienced severe morning sickness had healthier babies and their risk of premature birth was significantly reduced when compared to mothers who had a smooth sailing pregnancy.

After few years, the children were assessed with standardized age appropriate psychological tests to measure intelligence and behavior. Other factors such as mother’s IQ, alcohol consumption, socio economic status were also taken in to consideration. The children of mothers who suffered from severe morning sickness symptoms had higher IQ, greater grasp of language etc.
Finally, all the nausea, vomiting and fatigue that mothers experience in the first trimester pays off in the form of smarter kids.


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