Miracle Story: Stem Cell Therapy Cures Singapore Baby Of Rare Immune Disorder

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Dr.Soh Jian Yi, Consultant at Singapore’s National University Hospital’s paediatric allergy, immunology and rheumatology division has diagnosed and cured 2 year old Donovan Tay of Omenn Syndrome. Omenn syndrome is a rare disease caused by mutations of genes that are important for the immune system. It occurs in fewer than one in one million people and is fatal if not treated.

Ever since baby Tay was two months old, he would get very ill with unexplained fever, severe form of eczema making him itch badly and blood abnormalities. The only possible way to cure the baby was to give him a transplant of blood forming stem cells or cord blood stem cells. In February 2015, baby Tay underwent a successful stem cell transplant with stem cells from his mother, Jace Lee.

Now a bright, lively boy, he is unrecognisable from the baby whose organs had begun to shut down and whose skin was turning black from the immune disorder.

Everyday, stem cell therapy brings new hope to people who suffer from such medical conditions. This is the reason why researchers believe that stem cells can improve the health and provide a better quality of life to those who are affected with blood, immnue and neurodegenerative medical conditions that cannot be treated by conventional therapies.


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