Menstrual Blood Stem Cells to Restore Fertility

menustral blood

Young women who have had cancer and underwent chemotherapy often face reproductive damage. The drugs associated with chemotherapy tend to cause ovarian dysfunction in women, less than 40 years of age. Scientists have identified that the stem cells present in the human menstrual blood have regenerative abilities and the potential to restore the ovarian function, thereby fertility.

The reproductive damage experienced by these women is often associated with either premature ovarian failure (POF) or premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) as a result of ovarian germ cell toxicity, caused by chemotherapeutic drugs. In rats, the effect of alkylating agents such as Cyclophosphamide and Busulfan results in oocyte loss and infertility. However, the stem cells present in the menstrual blood has the ability to regenerate and restore the POF and POI conditions.

The menstrual blood has endometrial mesenchymal stem cells which has the ability to differentiate into any type of cell and also possess regenerative capabilities. Dongmei LaiFangyun and team tested the effect of mesenchymal stem cells in lab mice model and published the study findings in the Journal of Translational Medicine. They used busulfan and cyclophosphamide to create a damaged ovary mouse model and injected the transplanted mesenchymal stem cells into the tail vein of the affected mice. Non affected mice were used as control to compare the effect of stem cells in restoring the ovarian function. The overall function was measured using live imaging, mating trials, vaginal smears and other immunohistochemical techniques.

The results showed improved estrous cycle activity and restored fertility in the sterilized mice model. The transplanted endometrial mesenchymal stem cells reduced depletion of the germline stem cells and restored the damaged ovarian function. The researchers concluded that the transplantation of these stem cells from autologous source (self) is a suitable clinical strategy for restoring ovarian function or fertility in POI and POF patients.

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