Mend the Broken Hearts with Stem Cells

Mend broken hearts

Finding a treatment for heart failure can bring a new realm of hope to the patients. It always seemed to be a distant hope but the good news is that a new wave of cellular therapies using stem cells has become viable option to repair damaged heart muscle.

What is Heart Failure?

Heart failure occurs when the body can’t pump enough blood through the heart. Failure can occur due to coronary artery disease and high blood pressure, this leads the heart muscles to weaken and make blood circulation difficult. Heart failure generally develops because of another condition like diabetes and obesity.

Stem Cell Therapy to Mend Hearts

Umbilical cord blood is known for fighting against blood disorders, yet the spectrum of diseases which it provides effective therapy includes non-blood conditions also. It has also been used as a source for regenerative cell therapy and immune modulation. Hence umbilical cord blood stem cells are considered to be the best and popular option. It continues to provide growing assistance to health care across the globe.

Researchers discover the potential uses of stem cells and its application every now and then. A very promising area of research in the recent days is the regenerative therapies with stem cells to reduce the burden and risks of heart diseases. Researchers recommend Umbilical cord blood stem as it is a valuable resource and the potential to advance therapeutic options for the congenital disease. Based on disease-specific estimates of prevalence and incidence rates of heart failure, we conservatively estimate the prevalence of heart failure in India due to coronary heart disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes and rheumatic heart disease to range from 1.3 to 4.6 million, with an annual incidence of 491 600–1.8 million.

Despite the increasing attempts to limit the use of allergenic transfusion, it remains a necessity in many cases, especially for patients with cardiovascular disease. Umbilical cord blood offers an ideal blood substitute and has been widely used to treat patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases like leprosy, HIV, Thalassemia etc., With the advent of related and unrelated umbilical cord blood transplantation for many malignant and nonmalignant diseases many researchers finds a great hope for application in regenerative therapy. Animal studies have proved that stem cell therapy will cause new muscle cells to be formed through stimulation of dormant stem cells that are already within the heart muscle. The administered stem cells also transformed into new heart muscle cells.

According to British Heart Foundation, a heart transplant may be the only option for heart failure as there is no other better cure in many cases. It is reported that “Twenty-four months after participants were injected with the stem cell treatment there was a 30% improvement in heart function, 40% reduction in scar size, and 70% improvement in the quality of life”.

It may be really devastating news and sober experience to realize about the heart disease and it can be worse when our loved one has to experience this. But nevertheless, you can rise above the heart failure. When life seems to let you down and break your heart, you have stem cells to mend your heart and rise together.



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