Look ‘Fat’abulous With Stem Cells


Aren’t you surprised, your body fat that always makes you upset, comes with supercells called stem cells? Yes, your fat isn’t just filler anymore; it is rich in stem cells that can make you look fabulous.

Now you can turn back the clock on your age by having fat source stem cells injected into your skin. The presence of stem cells in it rejuvenates and repairs the age-damaged skin cells to be revived as good as new.

You can brim with significantly smoother, plumper and healthier skin within nanoseconds with this procedure. The results may last as long as 24-36 months. This therapy is done effortlessly by a dermatologist and will also help you sort out common problems like wrinkles on your facial contour.

This grafting technique using your own fat source stem cells is widely popular across the globe and it is surprising to know there is a great surge of demand to it. Nano- fat transfer grafting is touted as a surgical breakthrough as it is extremely safe, pain-free and easy.

The actual procedure includes micro-sizing of the fat particles to formulate smoother facial contouring. The refined graft is placed as micro-droplets of fat deep into the skin and fat compartments to fill up the dips and crevices, causing your skin to rejuvenate instantly.

The process is done using a thin cannula which is almost non-existent. Mostly fat cells are retrieved from fat dense body parts such as the face, thighs and stomach. This process has a dual benefit reduction in the volume of fat in fat dense zones and fillers in the needed zones of the body. The nano fat technique that uses your own fat source stem cells is very similar to contemporary filler technique that uses hyaluronic acid.

The downtime is lesser and the finish is much smoother due to the presence of stem cells. Within a week you can enjoy a beautiful flawless skin. Indeed the doctor’s call it the healthiest makeover in the market.

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