LifeCell’s Community Stem Cell Banking earns Global recognition

LifeCell’s Community Stem Cell Banking earns Global recognition

LifeCell was invited by AABB, the most credible stem cell regulatory body, to present its innovative and promising model of Community Stem Cell Banking at the International  Symposium, San Diego, USA. In 15 years, LifeCell is the only second stem cell bank to present its innovation at such a prestigious global platform.

The International Cord Blood Symposium (ICBS) is a global arena that brings all the umbilical cord blood-related fields of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, banking and potential in regenerative medicine together in one interactive three-day conference.  World-renowned experts in the field of cord blood will be present there with their new innovations on advancements in the industry. Mr. Vinesh Mandot, Technical Lead at LifeCell, would be presenting this innovative model in a session chaired by Dr. Frances Verter, The Director of Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation at the international symposium.

, India’s first & the largest stem cell bank, a pioneer in stem cell industry has been adding new innovations to its services.  One of its freshest initiatives is “Community Stem Cell Banking” that allows access to the donor stem cells within the community, thereby extending the protection of stem cells to all conditions treatable by stem cells. In addition to the child, its siblings, parents and grandparents too can access the community pool of preserved stem cells for treatments when required thereby extending the protection of stem cells to the entire family.  Also, there is no limit on number of withdrawals of stem cell units from the community providing a comprehensive protection.

Community stem cell banking will be the future of umbilical cord stem cell banking especially in a country like India where the inventory of donor stem cells or bone marrow registries of Indian ethnicity is very low at less than 1% of global inventory and hence the availability of matching donor stem cells is very low. LifeCell with this new concept aims to create a huge inventory of donor stem cells within the next few years, which could even exceed the global standards and this will pave way for the highest probability of finding a matching stem cell unit. It is notable to also mention that this initiative of LifeCell was featured in “Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation” in their website when this concept was launched in India.

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