LifeCell Bags the Regional Award at Google SME Heroes Challenge

LifeCell Bags the Regional Award

Google recognized and awarded LifeCell with the Regional Award for innovative use of internet to expand its business. LifeCell is the first company in the industry to achieve this award and rank among the top 5 national finalists. It is one of the proudest moments for LifeCell to win the Google SME Heroes Challenge 2015 and glad to share it with the real heroes, the parents who support us over the years.

How did LifeCell achieve this?

LifeCell takes pride in being the first company in India to educate parents about the concept of umbilical cord stem cell banking through digital medium. LifeCell used its digital presence to spread awareness and create interest about stem cell banking and its benefits to Indian parents who have access to internet. LifeCell reached out to millions of parents through digital initiatives such as content marketing campaigns, events, product discovery etc.

Our digital participation in creating event, offers, digital media campaigns, pregnancy properties etc., and integrating these projects with customer care centers, mobile applications and web properties helped us offer the best stem cell banking service to the customers with ease. Digital marketing played a crucial role in connecting us with the customers and establishing a significant presence in the industry among doctors and parents.

Google’s SME Heroes Challenge

Every year, Google invites Small and Midsize Enterprises (SMEs) in India to participate in their SME Heroes Challenge. During the event, Google announces the winners based on the company’s achievement and innovation using internet. This year, the grand finale of the event was organized in Delhi and LifeCell bagged the regional award for innovative use of internet to expand the business.

During the event, V. Ravi Shankar Chief Marketing Officer of LifeCell said, “LifeCell was established in 2004. Until 2008, the service was largely a prescribed one by medical practitioners to expectant parents. We found that our audience was turning to digital media and especially Google to get information on pregnancy best practices including nutrition, fitness, dos and don’ts. This was a big opportunity for LifeCell to reach out to pregnant couples across the country. We have been hand holding our audience in their journey towards parenthood by providing engaging content and online & offline infotainment programs. Today digital media serves as one of the significant channel for expectant parents to reach out to us, catapulting the growth of our business and brand.”

In short period, LifeCell was able to compete nationwide and win an award for innovative digital initiatives. In future, we are planning to build an engaging platform for our expectant parents with relevant pregnancy and parenting information through mobile app and also offer extended products & services pertaining to the health and well-being of the newborn child. To achieve these, we will continue to explore the wide possibilities and new innovations of the digital medium.


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